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LAM AID LIMITED – A BRITISH MNC – highly reputed Mobile Dev…

LAM AID LIMITED – A BRITISH MNC – highly reputed Mobile Dev…

KOLKATA, India, Jan. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Registered in the United Kingdom is a company that is well renowned for offering high-quality mobile applications on a timely basis. Lam Aid Limited deals with all types of mobile apps, websites and admin portals as well. We are dedicated to the development of hybrid mobile apps as well as web portals. In addition, we aim to promote our developed mobile applications and web portals in Gulf Countries and Indian Sub-Continents.

Lamaid has recently launched below mentioned group of most usable mobile applications for everybody’s use to make their lives more comfortable than ever before:

  • DocAid: An Online Doctor Appointment Booking and Online Consultation App for patients and Doctors (website:
  • Brit Star: British Origin Internationally acclaimed online educational mobile app for kids to provide quality education at home (website:
  • Soulmate: Online Matchmaking web portal and hybrid mobile application for finding perfect match (website:
  • YesMam: Household Chores Distribution mobile application that helps to overcome relationship conflicts between couples and family members (website: 
  • Taahaa: Taahaa is Free Classified Ad posting mobile application available in 7 languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, and Urdu (website:
  • OTE: Online Training and Education (OTE) is an online education platform that allow users to view lecture content, attend video lectures and apply for job as well (website:
  • Aainaa: An online appointment booking and scheduling mobile app to connect dress-makers, salon/parlours and jewellers with users (website:
  • GuyHub: Social Networking Mobile App for students to share, post tweets and find jobs online (website:
  • HomeLand: Homeland Registrant – Online Property Registrant or the Property Seller App mobile app while Homeland Tenant – Property Buying App (website:
  • JobAid: Online job portal for job seekers and employers. Job Aid allows employers to hire quality talent and allow job seekers to find to their dream job (website:
  • Laaiba: Laaiba – The Vendor World/The Shopping World is an online mobile application for businesses to open their shop or food outlet online (website:
  • Vote Bank: Online voting mobile app for selecting winners in different types of campaigns, TV shows, reality shows, etc. (website:
  • City Jinn: Hybrid mobile application to list and promote business and services of a city (website:
  • The Aid: Online Charity, Fundraising or Donation mobile app to help to the victims of natural calamities, people suffering from hunger, illiteracy, poverty, etc. (website:
  • Online Magazine: Hybrid mobile app developed for Readers/Riders to give them highest recognition in the world and make them known to the world as well renowned writer (website:
  • Taseen: A Messenger App to connect you with your family members, friends wherever you go using phone’s native Global Positioning System (GPS), through messages, file sharing, calling etc. (website:
  • Angels – The Rider:  Angels App provides services including Cab Booking Services, Courier Delivery, Food & Grocery Delivery services to Customers all over the world (website:

Social Media Handles:


Project Development Methodology that is used by Lam Aid Limited for developing mobile applications is the Agile Methodology. We use this methodology to achieve the main aim/vision of the company by working collaboratively in a strategic manner. Different phases of agile methodology such as Discussions, Analysis, Strategy, Execution and QA & Testing, assist in developing quality software. In addition, team members of the Lam Aid Limited are highly expertise in developing software solutions related to different industries such as Education, E-commerce, News & Entertainment, Online appointment Bookings, Chat Apps, Dealers & Distributors, etc.

Some of the benefits of using the work methodology used at Lam Aid Limited include the following:

  • Use of latest tools and technologies for software development help businesses to drive their business sales.
  • Implement efficient tools and technologies that help businesses to enhance their overall business productivity.
  • Customise the process by emphasizing the project specifications and requirements according to clients.

Our team members are proficient in using innovative as well as the latest techniques and tools combined with the industry’s best practices in order to provide scalable and end-to-end software development solutions. Moreover, we are committed to using a professional approach to develop projects that will help you to get maximum ROI (Return on Investment) in your business. 

One must get mobile and web applications developed from Lam Aid Limited due to our following services:

We at Lam Aid Limited use cloud-enabled services in order to enhance business value and acquire higher organization’s agility.

·Mobile Application and Web Development Solutions

Mobile Applications are developed for cross-platforms such as iOS, Windows, and Android that helps to inspire users to use our developed apps constantly. Moreover, we also develop web applications that are highly optimised.

·Enterprise Applications, QA & Testing

Businesses can enhance services with enterprise-class applications and mobility solutions. We also offer quality assurance as well as application testing engagements on different platforms, devices and operating systems.

·Global Support Services

We develop mobile applications as well as websites that are up, profitable, and running 24*7 with our maintenance services and technical support provided globally.

Lam Aid Limited – Born to be the King of Mobile Applications create brand-led as well as exceptional digital…


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