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Four Hundred Monitor, October 14

Four Hundred Monitor, October 14

October 21, 2020

It’s been said that “life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” I think most of us would be happy for a redo on 2020, but since that’s not possible, we can point to some signs of better days ahead by taking a look at IBM. Big Blue surprised us last week by splitting its managed infrastructure services business from Global Services and giving it life as a new, publicly traded company. And now CEO Arvind Krishna has set his target for growth (in our lead story below), which gives us a reason to be optimistic about the future. For now we will carry on and hold onto hope for brighter times ahead.

Top Stories From Outside The Jungle

(The Wall Street Journal) IBM is looking to double sales at Red Hat by 2023.

(IBM Newsroom) Earnings are always on our radar, and here’s what IBM is reporting for Q3.

(CNET) The winner of IBM’s first Call for Code Global Challenge tackles provide tech-related assistance after a natural disaster.

(TechRepublic) An IBM survey finds remote workers don’t feel they have the skills or support they need from their employers.

(Forbes) Are Linux-based systems facing a “disaster” similar to the Millennium Bug?

(PR Newswire) The global cloud computing market is set to pass $700 billion by 2027.

Redbooks, White Papers, Blogs, and Other Resources

(IBM) Save 10% on certified pre-owned servers, storage, parts and features online through IBM.

(Fresche Solutions) Learn how you can maintain business continuity with #IBMi application support and services in this on-demand session.

(Zend) If you work with PHP, Zend has some questions for you. The survey results will be compiled into a free report in early 2021. For every response to this survey, we will donate $1 to Black Girls Code, a charity focused on empowering girls of color to become innovators and leaders in computer science.

(Profound Logic) “Always bet on Node” is the topic of episode 3 of the iModernize podcast.

(HelpSystems) The IBM i Marketplace Survey provides valuable data on our ecosystem. With all of the change that has occurred in 2020, your opinions are more important than ever. Take the survey here.

Chats, Webinars, Seminars, Shows, and Other Happenings

October 21 – Virtual Conference – iAdmin is a virtual IBM i conference hosted by iTech Solutions that will include seven one-hour sessions, eight half-hour sessions, and four to six lunch boutique sessions all focused on topics surrounding IBM i and IBM Power Systems.

October 21 – Webinar – The IBM i is alive and kicking in this free webinar from IBM. Get the latest updates and information about IBM i and hear from the IBM Rochester and Austin teams as they talk about strategies and roadmaps, combined with local people sharing their knowledge and experiences.

October 22 – Webinar – Precisely is hosting a Data Integrity Summit to discuss how data integrity can help you make decisions to facilitate growth. The event also features a customer panel.

October 23 – Webinar – See how fast and easy is to manage virtual adapters with the new version of the LPARKit from CloudWalkers. This webinar will present free version and the gold edition that allows cloning of the OS on any type of infrastructure.

October 28 – Webinar – See an overview of X-Analysis 13.1 and X-Datatest, a solution you can leverage to ensure compliance and minimize risk during this webinar: “Speed Up IBM i Application Development with Automated Testing.”

October 28 – Webinar – See how fast and easy is to manage virtual adapters with the new version of the LPARKit from CloudWalkers. This webinar will present free version and the gold edition that allows cloning of the OS on any type of infrastructure.

October 28 – November 3, 2020 – LIVE Online Training — At the RPG & DB2 Virtual Summit, hosts Paul Tuohy, Susan Gantner, Jon Paris and 9 other top IBM i development experts share their best tips and techniques for building modern IBM i applications. SQL, RPG, Db2, ILE, open source, ACS, RDi, data analytics, web services, web and mobile apps—it’s all packed into a fun, interactive, and very productive 5-day learning experience.

October 29 – Webinar – An exploration of scary scenarios and surprising solutions for IBM i. Learn how the mistakes of others can help you ensure your system makes it out alive. This online conference focuses on the security and automation snafus that can put your IBM i at risk – and gives solutions for how to get out in front of them.

November 9-11 – Virginia Beach, Virginia – The annual meeting of MAGiC (Mid-Atlantic Group of IBM i Collaborators) is an opportunity to network with peers and hear from industry leading educators. The 2020 conference will focus on taking a green screen application and transforming it to a web application. Over two and half days, the frame of reference will be a traditional green screen application and the sessions will build upon each other resulting in a web application done in PHP, Node.js and Python. The sessions will be broken up into smaller groups promoting more interaction between the presenter and attendees. Whether you are new to these technologies or an intermediate we have the sessions for you. If you are on the systems side, Larry Bolhuis will be doing a full day class TCP/IP On IBM i Workshop. This will be a great opportunity to learn all about connectivity with the IBM i.

November 18 – Webinar – If you’ve pressed IBM Query for i (Query/400) to its limits, found Db2 Web Query and other tools too hard to use, or spent time writing custom report programs, NGS Software encourages you to register and attend this free presentation.

May 3-5, 2021 – Framingham, Massachusetts – Plan now for the 2021 Northeast User Group (NEUGC) Conference. NEUGC is the largest technical conference in New England for IBM i.


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