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InterSystems interns find dream jobs in Territory’s growing…

InterSystems interns find dream jobs in Territory’s growing…

THREE young alumni of the InterSystems Australia Summer Internship Program have found their dream jobs in the Northern Territory’s growing technology industry.

Zephyr Dobson, Sai Vusirikapally and Jerry Wang completed an intensive internship program earlier this year in Darwin and have now joined NT technology firm, Radical Systems as Test Analysts.

While students at Charles Darwin University in 2019, Zephyr, Sai and Jerry applied for the internships at the IT Code Fair, an annual event which encourages students to pursue their information technology career dreams.

InterSystems, the company delivering a software system for all NT public healthcare sites as part of the Territory’s largest ever IT reform, has sponsored the IT Code Fair for the last three years.

It has also offered eight-week summer internship programs designed to build the skills that young Territorians need to kick-start their IT careers.

“My new role is an incredible opportunity and the InterSystems internship program was vital in getting it,” said Darwin-born Zephyr Dobson.

“The hands-on industry experience the internship provides you is really valuable to employers. Additionally, it enables you to build your confidence in a professional environment to be able to sell your skills to the industry.”

The skills and can-do attitudes they have developed have prepared the three alumni for their new roles at Radical Systems, a local firm providing business systems development and specialist technology consulting services.

“We have heard good things about the InterSystems interns and you could see that they have succeeded outside university,” said Adam Whitehead, Director for Radical Systems. “The aptitude and attitude they have shown is everything. If there is a real drive, that is what we are looking for.”

Following a major software testing assignment where their experience with InterSystems will be put to good use, the three new recruits will get the opportunity to branch out into areas including software development.

“The Test Analyst positions are a great launchpad for their technology careers,” said Whitehead.

“Testing gives you an insight into software and the whole software development lifecycle. If they continue to show that the aptitude and attitude and skills are there, they can progress to work on end-to-end software development projects.”

InterSystems’ investment in the NT follow its selection three years ago to implement TrakCare Electronic Medical Record software across the Territory’s public hospitals and community health services.

Designed to improve health outcomes for all Territorians by promoting efficiency, effectiveness and integration throughout the public healthcare system, the project has created new IT industry jobs. InterSystems has opened a Darwin office and its local project partner, Dialog Information Technology, has also hired additional staff.

“InterSystems is proud to play its part in building a strong and vibrant information technology industry that drives growth and employment in the Northern Territory,” said Luciano Brustia, Regional Managing Director, Asia Pacific at InterSystems.

“I would like to congratulate Zephyr, Sai and Jerry for their achievements, including their outstanding efforts as InterSystems interns and in stepping up into their new roles. They are inspirations to all technology students in the NT.”

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