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The inside story of how CIA-backed Palantir embedded itself…

The inside story of how CIA-backed Palantir embedded itself…

Until now, however, despite lucrative contracts with other government departments and lengthy discussions, there had never been an NHS project which Whitehall felt required Palantir’s software.

In the past few weeks, that has changed – in what Mr Thiel must view as a victory for the chief of Palantir’s UK business: Louis Mosley.

The UK boss of the secretive CIA-backed data company which is helping the NHS tackle coronavirus can be revealed as Louis Mosley, the nephew of the former motor racing boss Max Mosley and grandson of Sir Oswald Mosley. 

With no official title on the website or social media presence, Mosley, 36,  who has previously been pictured in Tatler, has been leading the UK office of the Silicon Valley company for almost three years.

The former Tory activist worked in academia and finance before taking the reins at Palantir, which was founded by early Facebook-backer Peter Thiel. 

Mr Mosley is not listed on the company’s most recent documents filed to Companies House, which name as directors the former Foreign Office advisor Sir Daniel Bethlehem, who is understood to have an independent role overlooking corporate governance, and Alexander Carp, Palantir’s chief executive. 

Software engineering companies often have a flat hierarchical structure owing to the nature of collaborative, project-based work, however it is unusual for a company of Palantir’s size not to announce who is running its European hub and London office with 600 employees and is in control of most of the research and development of its premier data mining platform, Foundry. 

It all began with an invitation from Boris Johnson in March. As the pandemic hit, about two dozen leaders from the UK technology industry were invited to No 10 to be asked to help.

Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary and mastermind of NHSX – the health services’s technology arm – and Johnson’s adviser, Dominic Cummings, have made no secret of their wish to boost the UK health system’s use of cutting edge tools.


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