Ministers spend £36m to make UK time ‘hack-proof’ | News - Jonathan Cartu Internet, Mobile & Application Software Corporation
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Ministers spend £36m to make UK time ‘hack-proof’ | News

Ministers spend £36m to make UK time ‘hack-proof’ | News

The government will spend £36 million creating a hack-proof way to measure time across the country, making Britain less reliant on a single system.

The UK depends on satellites 12,500 miles above the earth to set the time, accurate to billionths of a second. They also position maps on phones and computers to within metres.

This network, known as the invisible utility, is vital for financial markets, computer networks, emergency services, broadcasting and transport. They are owned by the EU, the US and Russia and the UK’s economy has long been thought to be too dependent on them. The satellites and their signals are exposed to the effects of space weather, and the signals are inherently weak and vulnerable to interference. The Blackett review, commissioned


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