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Eight euros per hour: Boeing had crash-Software Billiglöhn…

Eight euros per hour: Boeing had crash-Software Billiglöhn…

Still, a start prohibition for Boeing’s most important aircraft: the Boeing 737 Max. After the crash of two machines of this type in Indonesia, and Ethiopia, with a total of 346 deaths, in particular, the new control software MCAS is the focus of the investigation.

Now, a report by the news Agency “Bloomberg” in the Outsourcing of software development, aircraft manufacturer from Seattle for excitement: many years ago, the stock exchange has waived traded company through a radical cost-cutting programme to in-house programmers, and the development of relocated abroad.

crashes of the Boeing 737 MAX

Bitter for Boeing – now the FBI of criminal law is determined against the aircraft manufacturer

By Till Bartels

In the case of sub-contractors in India school graduates earn high converted only 8 Euro per hour. Orders for the Software of the ill-plane 737 Max went to the Indian developer company HCL Technologies, from CVS of staff is apparent.

“This was controversial, because it would have been more efficient, if Boeing engineers have written the Code“, – quotes Bloomberg the former Boeing employee Mark Rabin. As a result, many correction had been grinding required.

New problems with revised Software,

Boeing is defending itself against new accusations. We have decades of experience with partner companies all over the world. “Our main concern is to always ensure that our products and services are of the highest quality and with all the relevant rules.” That sounds like the Statement from Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenberg after the second 737-Max crash in March 2019, as he spent the motto, “to make an already safe aircraft even safer.”

In Seattle, the focus at the Moment on a Revision of the Software for the Max models, already tested in the Simulator. However, the U.S. aviation authority FAA has encountered in the past week, a possible new risk in the flight controls of the 737 Max.

Boeing said that the FAA finds that the re-authorisation process of the accident pilot, additional requirements. A concrete timetable has not been called. The examination procedure and the Software update is expected to take until the end of the year.

Manipulated protocols in the case of the Boeing 787

Not only in terms of Boeing 737 Max to determine the FBI, the judiciary and the Ministry of transport. Now it became known that the U.S. government is also investigating inconsistencies at the Boeing site in South Carolina, where the Boeing 787 is being produced. Whistleblowers had informed authorities and the media as the “New York Times” and “Al Jazeera” in some cases are blatant sloppiness in the factory.

criticism of production

Boeing’s crisis continues – employees reveal security flaws in the Dreamliner

By Till Bartels

How bad the quality control is there, shows an example from the year 2015, According to the channel “CBC” had been delivered a Dreamliner to Air Canada, though a fuel leak was not fixed at one of the two engines yet. The airline, the manipulated transfer Protocol was only ten months later.

Also the latest development of Boeing widebody aircraft of the Boeing 777X, prepares the aircraft manufacturers problems. The first flight was actually scheduled for the spring. However, a component in the new huge engine GE9X shows premature signs of wear and tear.

Before the autumn of 2019, the prototype will not be able to take off and in flight testing to go. Actually, Emirates, Qatar Airways and Lufthansa are to receive their first copies to 2020.

There are these days, but it is also a good news from Seattle: On a slope at the Everett factory in Washington State the Boeing made attempts 777X first Roll. “This is the first Time that the aircraft has its own power moves,” commented a test engineer.

sources : “Bloomberg”, “CBC” and “Seattle Times”

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